About SEGL

The Southern Eastern Great Lakes Figure Skating Council is an inter-club council within US Figure Skating, and consists of member clubs in the southern portion of the Eastern Great Lakes Region.  Our geographic area includes Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, central and southern Ohio, and Tennessee.

Our mission is to promote the sport of figure skating and share resources among skaters and their families, skating professionals and skating officials. We offer financial awards to athletes; support our officials with grants for continuing education; and financial support for member clubs offering schools.

We own and operate the equipment for the IJS Mini-System, which we make available to our member clubs for a nominal fee. We award a competition to a member club annually.

We convey your concerns and issues at the United States Figure Skating Governing Council Meeting in May.  Our annual SEGL meeting, held in conjunction with the  SEGL competition, gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion.