Dear Member Clubs,

The votes have been tabulated and I want to thank everyone for voting to award the 2018 SEGL Competition this coming year.

The winning club is Winter Club of Indianapolis. The date will be Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4th.

I’d like to thank the other clubs who submitted applications: Ice Skating Club of Indianapolis, Knoxville FSC, Louisville Skating Academy, and Miami Skating Academy.

Please welcome the Winter Club of Indianapolis in hosting this competition by sending your skaters to the 2018 SEGL Competition. I know that they were to have hosted this past year but due to rink issues they lost their dates.

In June we will have an updated application that will hopefully be easier than the one for this coming season. I had downsized the previous application by quite a bit but am currently revamping the current application.


Holly Jinks, Competitions’ Chair